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All about the Cascades in Ouzoud

Many imagine that Morocco is a vast untouched desert. Before I arrived, I thought it would be almost impossible to find luxuriant forests and waterfalls in the country. The south of the country is indeed very arid. It is true. In Merzouga, there are lovely dunes, and the canyons are very fun to explore near the Todra Gorges.
A shaded path of olive trees leads to the bottom of the falls. A dozen old mountains still in use at the top of the falls. A narrow and steep road leading to Beni Mellal follows, too. During the descent in the canyon of “wadi el-Abid,” the bottom which is almost 600 meters down is sometimes not distinguished.
It is the region’s most popular site. In the vicinity, there is a green valley, mountains, oak trees and magnificent El Abid gorges. Many local and national associations are leading site protection and preservation projects.

Holiday Attractions in the Cascades in Ouzoud
Ouzoud Falls is the highest waterfall in Marocco, located by Tanaghmeilt in the High Atlas Mountains. The fall is a magnificent sight overlooking the dramatic rock gorge of El Abid, tumbling 361 feet (110 feet) across it.
Berbers for “grinding grain” was said to be the word “uzoud.” Many of the buildings we saw while we were touring these falls appear to have been melting mills (with the force of the water probably used). Some agriculture also seemed to be taking place in the immediate vicinity. Our local guide explained that this waterfall would usually flow around year-round because about 25 sources fed it. But there was a reasonably small amount of water diversion over the years for irrigation purposes. We witnessed the loop trail that we took along a few hand-held channels that confirmed the claim.
Cascades d’Ouzoud (or Falls of Ouzoud) is indeed the main reason why we even consider going to Morocco. A waterfall of this magnitude, which is in typically warm and arid environments of North Africa, is rare for us to experience contrasting reddish cliffs. Here we faced this miracle of nature, which was a hype in our voyage to Morocco. We had just found this 110 m high waterfall at the snow melting height of the High Atlas Mountains, so it had a surprisingly good volume despite the warm weather.
The olive groves that surround the valley (Ouzoud’s name is Berber to “Olive”) are one of the oldest in the world. Ouzoud Falls has its name. Several historical water mills are at the top of the falls along the river; many of them still used to collect the olive oil from the surrounding plants. Some local olive oil cooperatives offer visits and degustations of olive oil.
Planning a trip to the Cascades in Ouzoud
If you are planning a trip to the Cascades in Ouzoud, this guide is undoubtedly helpful for you!
The 3-story falls are a popular day trip from the surrounding countryside of Marrakesh surrounds lush greenery and trees with the macaque apes. They provide a magnificent setting for hiking and picnic. Climb the stepped steps in the valley and swim under the falls, ride the river along with raft and explore the natural caves on the cliffside. Most full-day tours from Marrakech include mountain scenery stops and lunch at a traditional Berber restaurant.

General information about the Cascades in Ouzoud
No entrance fee is there for visiting the Cascades in Ouzoud
Bring your bathrobe, a towel and a clothing change when you plan to swim or take a boat trip.
Ouzoud Falls facilities include toilets, a gift shop and several cafés. The falls can also be reached in part on a wheelchair the descent to the swimming area can be seen from the top and followed by some of the trails.
How to reach the Cascades in Ouzoud?
Ouzoud Falls lies about 100 miles northeast of the High Atlas Mountains or about 2.5 hours by drive. Although you can take the bus to nearby villages like Azilal, there are no options for public transport. So you have to go by car, go on a tour or take a taxi.
Best time to visit the Cascades in Ouzoud
The Ouzoud Falls can be visited the entire year. The summer-like in July and August are the busiest times to visit. The visit in winter offers improved views, but it is too cold to swim thanks to increased water levels. Between mid and late afternoon the best time to capture the Cascades d’Ouzoud cascades is. Often there are rainbows, which add to the attention of waterfalls and give magazine quality photos to photographers. The most massive rainbows get captured in the lower part of the falling area.
Ouzoud is well-known all year round but is particularly popular in the summer when Moroccan families and young people are going to a picnic in the waterfalls from neighbouring cities. Some even have tents, barbecues and overnight accommodations.
Interesting facts about visiting the Cascades in Ouzoud
In contrast to many well-visited locations in Morocco, the waterfalls are unmarketable. Several small stalls sell fresh orange juice and Berber tents in the greenery offering local cuisine. There are several camping spots if you want to stay the night. It can also be arranged by private tour or by your guide.
The waterfalls fall 100 meters and are unique because they have a series of rare sunsets from wide to narrow. Most cascades are narrow to broad. There is a beautiful river water pool at the bottom of the drop.
Other exciting places to view the cascades in Ouzoud are beyond the main campsite. You will finally reach a grove of oaks and grenades if you follow the paths below the cascades.
Among the trees, a Barbary ape is sometimes. At the morning breaks or one hour before dawn, your best chance to find an ape is because it comes from the natural pools.

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