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What is good to buy in Marrakech?shopping in marrakech

If you’re planning a trip to Marrakech, one of the city’s most enticing features is its lively shopping scene. From bustling markets to modern shopping centers, Marrakech offers a wealth of options for those looking to indulge in some retail therapy. But with so many choices, it can be hard to know what to prioritize in your shopping itinerary.

In this article, we’ll cover the best things to buy in Marrakech, from authentic souvenirs to unique treasures. We’ll explore the city’s local crafts and highlight must-visit shopping districts. We’ll also provide tips for navigating the traditional markets and supporting local artisans. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of what makes shopping in Marrakech a truly special experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Marrakech offers a vibrant shopping scene with a variety of options, from traditional markets to modern shopping centers.
  • Authentic souvenirs, local crafts, and unique treasures are among the most sought-after products in Marrakech.
  • Must-visit shopping districts include the Medina, Gueliz, and Mellah.
  • Tips for successful shopping in Marrakech include haggling, identifying authentic products, and supporting local artisans.
  • Shopping in Marrakech can be a rich cultural experience, allowing visitors to engage with the city’s traditions and connect with locals.

Authentic Souvenirs

One of the highlights of shopping in Marrakech is the opportunity to purchase authentic souvenirs that embody the city’s rich cultural heritage. These unique and high-quality items make for excellent gifts or personal mementos of your trip.

Traditional Moroccan Pottery

Moroccan pottery is renowned for its intricate designs and bold colors, often featuring geometric patterns or Islamic-inspired motifs. Common products include tagines, bowls, vases, and tiles, all of which are handcrafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques.

Tip:Look for pottery with a slightly imperfect finish, as this is a sign of its handmade nature and adds to its charm.

Leather Goods

Morocco is one of the world’s top producers of leather, and Marrakech is home to some of the best leather goods in the country. From bags and belts to shoes and jackets, all items are crafted from high-quality leather and often hand-dyed in vivid colors.

Tip:Visit the tanneries in the Medina to see the leather-making process up close and gain a deeper appreciation for this ancient craft.

Rugs and Textiles

Moroccan rugs and textiles are famous for their intricate designs and soft, plush feel. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, each with its own regional or tribal significance. Many are made using traditional weaving techniques passed down through generations.

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Tip:Take time to explore the different styles and sizes of rugs available in Marrakech, and don’t be afraid to bargain for the best price.

When shopping for authentic souvenirs in Marrakech, it’s important to be discerning and avoid imitations or mass-produced items. Look for products that come with a certificate of authenticity or that have been made by recognized local artisans. By purchasing these genuine souvenirs, you’re not only taking home a unique and meaningful reminder of your trip, but also supporting the local economy and preserving traditional crafts.

Local Crafts

Marrakech is known for its intricate local crafts, which are a testament to the city’s rich cultural heritage. The artisans who create these products are often following in the footsteps of their ancestors, using traditional techniques and materials to produce handmade treasures that are unique to the region.

One of the most prominent local crafts in Marrakech is metalwork, which can be found in the form of intricate lamps, trays, and other decorative items. The metal is often hammered and engraved with geometric patterns and designs, creating stunning works of art that reflect the city’s Islamic heritage.

Another popular craft is wood carving, which is used to produce everything from furniture to decor items. The carvings often incorporate traditional Moroccan motifs, such as the eight-pointed star, and are highly detailed and intricate.

Handwoven textiles are also an important part of Marrakech’s craft scene, with artisans producing everything from colorful rugs to intricate blankets. Many of these textiles are made using natural materials, such as wool and cotton, and are dyed using natural pigments.

Visitors to Marrakech can also find unique crafts such as pottery, embroidery, and basket weaving, each with their own distinct style and cultural significance. Products made by local artisans often have a story to tell, reflecting the history and traditions of the city and its people.

Unique Treasures

Marrakech is a treasure trove of unique and one-of-a-kind items that reflect the city’s rich cultural heritage. From antique furniture to vintage Moroccan jewelry, shopping for unique treasures in Marrakech is an experience not to be missed.

Vintage Moroccan Jewelry

One of the most sought-after unique treasures in Marrakech is vintage Moroccan jewelry. From intricately designed necklaces to colorful bracelets and earrings, the jewelry found in Marrakech’s markets and boutiques is a testament to the country’s long history of craftsmanship. It’s also a great way to add a touch of Moroccan style to any outfit.

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture in Marrakech is another unique treasure that is highly coveted by shoppers. Handcrafted by skilled artisans and often featuring intricate carvings and designs, these pieces can add character and charm to any home or office. From beautiful wooden screens to ornate tables and chairs, antique furniture shopping in Marrakech is a satisfying experience.

Traditional Clothing

The traditional clothing found in Marrakech is another unique treasure that should not be missed. From the iconic djellaba to the colorful kaftan, these garments are often made from high-quality materials such as silk and cotton, and feature intricate embroidery and intricate patterns. They are perfect for adding a unique touch to any wardrobe and make for great souvenirs.

Traditional Markets

Marrakech’s traditional markets, or souks, are among the city’s most iconic attractions. The souks are a sensory overload of colors, sounds, and smells, with countless vendors selling everything from spices and textiles to jewelry and pottery.

There are several different types of souks to explore, each with its own specialty goods. The Souk Semmarine is one of the largest and most popular souks, offering a range of souvenirs and clothing. The Souk des Teinturiers is known for its vibrant textiles and dyes, while the Souk Zrabia specializes in metalwork and brass lamps.

Exploring the Souks

To fully experience the souks, it’s best to wander aimlessly and get lost in the maze-like streets. However, it’s important to exercise caution and remain aware of your surroundings, as the souks can be crowded and overwhelming.

Don’t be afraid to haggle with vendors, as it’s an expected part of the shopping experience. Start by offering a price that is significantly lower than the asking price and negotiate from there.

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Bargaining Tips

  • Be friendly and polite, but firm in your negotiations.
  • Know the value of the product by doing some research beforehand.
  • Don’t be afraid to walk away if the price is too high.
  • Consider buying multiple items from the same vendor for a better deal.

Shopping in the souks can be tiring, so be sure to take breaks and hydrate frequently. Don’t be afraid to indulge in some of the delicious street food that can be found throughout the markets.

Overall, the traditional souks of Marrakech offer a unique and unforgettable shopping experience. With a little bit of patience and bargaining skills, visitors can find some truly special souvenirs to take home with them.

Modern Shopping Centers

For those looking for a more modern shopping experience, Marrakech has several shopping centers to choose from. These centers offer a variety of stores, restaurants, and amenities, making them a convenient option for those who prefer a one-stop-shop.

One of the most popular shopping centers is the Menara Mall, located just outside the city center. This spacious mall has over 100 stores and restaurants, as well as a cinema and indoor playground for children. The Carre Eden Shopping Center, located in the heart of Gueliz, is another popular option with a mix of international and Moroccan brands.

It is important to note, however, that shopping centers may lack the same charming atmosphere and authentic offerings as the city’s traditional markets. For those looking to truly immerse themselves in the local shopping scene and support local artisans, exploring the souks and smaller shops in the Medina may be a better option.

Must-Visit Shopping Districts

Marrakech is known for its eclectic shopping scene, and the city has several must-visit shopping districts that offer a diverse range of products and experiences.

The Medina

The historic Medina is the primary shopping district in Marrakech and home to some of the city’s most iconic markets, or souks. Here, visitors can explore the winding alleyways lined with vendors selling everything from spices and textiles to ceramics and jewelry. The souks of the Medina are a must-visit for anyone looking for an authentic and immersive shopping experience in Marrakech.


If you’re looking for a more modern shopping experience, head to Gueliz. This district is home to several shopping centers and department stores, including Carre Eden and Menara Mall. Here, visitors can find international brands, as well as locally owned boutiques and artisan workshops.


The Mellah, or the old Jewish Quarter, is another unique shopping district in Marrakech. Here, visitors can find shops selling traditional Jewish textiles, as well as a thriving spice market. The Mellah is also home to several historic landmarks, including the Lazama Synagogue and the El Badi Palace.

No matter which shopping district you choose to explore, Marrakech offers a vibrant and diverse shopping scene that is sure to delight visitors.

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Tips for Shopping in Marrakech

Shopping in Marrakech is an exciting and immersive experience, but it can also be overwhelming for first-time visitors. Here are some practical tips to help you make the most of your shopping adventure:

Haggle, but with Respect

Haggling is a common practice in Marrakech’s markets, but it’s important to do it with respect. Start by suggesting a price that is lower than the asking price, but not too low that it is insulting. Be prepared to negotiate and compromise, and always maintain a friendly and polite demeanor.

Identify Authentic Products

Be cautious when buying souvenirs to ensure that they are authentic and not mass-produced. Look for signs of quality craftsmanship, such as intricate details and traditional designs. Beware of counterfeit items, and always ask for a certificate of authenticity when purchasing expensive products.

Explore the Souks with a Local Guide

Consider hiring a local guide to help you navigate the souks and discover hidden gems. They can provide insider knowledge and bargaining expertise, as well as ensure that you don’t get lost in the winding alleys. Check with your hotel or a reputable tour company for recommendations.

Wear Comfortable Shoes and Clothing

The streets of the Medina can be uneven and crowded, so wear comfortable shoes that can handle the terrain. Loose, breathable clothing is also recommended, especially in the summer months, to stay cool and comfortable while shopping.

Bring Cash

Many of the market stalls in Marrakech do not accept credit cards, so it’s important to bring cash with you. It’s also a good idea to bring small bills and coins for easier transactions and bargaining.

Don’t be Afraid to Explore

The best shopping finds in Marrakech are often discovered off the beaten path. Don’t be afraid to wander down side alleys and explore new areas of the souks. You never know what treasures you may find!

Supporting Local Artisans

When shopping in Marrakech, one of the best ways to support the local economy and preserve traditional crafts is by buying directly from local artisans. Not only does this provide a positive impact on the community, but visitors can also purchase authentic Moroccan products while experiencing the city’s vibrant culture.

One way to support local artisans is by visiting cooperative workshops. These workshops provide a space for artists to create and showcase their products, giving visitors the opportunity to see the craftsmanship involved and purchase unique, high-quality items. Many cooperatives specialize in a particular craft, such as pottery or weaving, and offer tours or demonstrations.

Another way to connect with local artisans is through craft-focused tours. These tours allow visitors to explore the souks and markets with a guide who can offer insights into the history and techniques behind the products. Some tours may even include visits to artisan workshops or offer the chance to create your own souvenir while learning from a master craftsman.

By supporting local artisans in Marrakech, visitors can help to sustain the city’s cultural heritage and ensure that these traditional crafts continue to thrive. Whether it’s purchasing a handmade rug or a piece of jewelry, each purchase can make a difference in the lives of the artisans and their communities.

Online Shopping Options

For those who prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes or want to continue supporting Marrakech’s artisans from abroad, there are several reputable online platforms that offer authentic Moroccan products.

One such platform is Maison de Marrakech, which specializes in handmade Moroccan textiles, clothing, and accessories. They work directly with local artisans to support fair trade practices and provide customers with high-quality, unique products.

Beldi Collection is another online shop that offers a wide range of Moroccan home decor and furniture, including vintage pieces and custom-made designs. Their products are sourced directly from Moroccan artisans and craftsmen.

Those looking for traditional Moroccan pottery can visit Artisanat Design, an online retailer that offers a variety of handmade ceramics, including tagines, bowls, and plates. They also sell other Moroccan home decor items, such as lanterns and rugs.

Travelers looking for a more immersive online shopping experience can visit Souk and Co, which offers virtual tours of local souks and markets, as well as the option to purchase products directly from the artisans. They also offer curated gift boxes and personalized shopping services.

Shopping online for Moroccan products can be a convenient and accessible way to support local artisans and bring a piece of Marrakech home.

Experiencing Moroccan Culture

Shopping in Marrakech is not just about acquiring unique and authentically crafted products, but it’s also a cultural immersion. The city’s bustling souks offer a glimpse into Moroccan daily life, and visitors can interact with locals while shopping and learn about their traditions and customs.

Many artisans and vendors are happy to share their knowledge and skills, providing visitors with a deeper understanding of Moroccan identity. From bargaining and haggling to exploring narrow alleyways, the shopping experience in Marrakech is an opportunity to learn about the city’s rich history and vibrant culture.

Moreover, shopping in Marrakech can also be a way for visitors to support the local community. By purchasing directly from the artisans, buyers can help preserve traditional crafts and provide economic opportunities for the locals. It’s a win-win situation that benefits both the buyer and the seller, while also contributing to the preservation of Moroccan heritage.

From hand-woven carpets to intricate metalwork, the products available in Marrakech reflect the city’s diverse cultural influences. Shopping in Marrakech is an experience that offers something for everyone, and it’s an essential part of visiting this beautiful city.


In conclusion, Marrakech offers a unique and vibrant shopping experience for visitors. From authentic souvenirs to local crafts and unique treasures, the city has something for everyone. Exploring the traditional markets or modern shopping centers, as well as the must-visit shopping districts, can provide a deeper cultural immersion and connection with local artisans.

Throughout the shopping process, it is important to remember the value of supporting local artisans and preserving traditional crafts. Visitors can connect with artisans directly by visiting cooperative workshops or participating in craft-focused tours. Alternatively, online shopping options provide a way for visitors to continue supporting Marrakech’s artisans from abroad.

By following practical tips for shopping, such as haggling and identifying authentic products, visitors can ensure a successful and enjoyable experience. Shopping in Marrakech is not only a way to purchase unique souvenirs but also a way to experience Moroccan culture by interacting with locals and learning about traditions.

Embrace the Unique Offerings of Marrakech

Embracing the unique offerings of Marrakech’s shopping scene can lead to memorable experiences and meaningful connections with local artisans. Whether seeking authentic souvenirs, local crafts, or unique treasures, visitors can find something special in the city’s traditional markets and modern shopping centers. Remember to support local artisans and preserve traditional crafts, and enjoy discovering your own treasures while shopping in Marrakech.


Q: What is good to buy in Marrakech?

A: Marrakech offers a vibrant shopping scene with various unique products. Some of the best things to buy in Marrakech include authentic souvenirs, local crafts, unique treasures, and traditional items.

Q: What are some authentic souvenirs in Marrakech?

A: Marrakech is known for its authentic souvenirs, such as traditional Moroccan pottery, leather goods, and rugs. It is recommended to support local artisans and look for genuine products.

Q: What local crafts can be found in Marrakech?

A: Marrakech is famous for its local crafts, including intricate metalwork, wood carvings, and handwoven textiles. These crafts showcase the craftsmanship and cultural significance of the city.

Q: What unique treasures can I find while shopping in Marrakech?

A: Shopping in Marrakech can lead to discovering unique treasures like vintage Moroccan jewelry, antique furniture, and traditional clothing. These items hold great value as memorable keepsakes.

Q: What are the traditional markets like in Marrakech?

A: Marrakech boasts traditional markets called souks, known for their bustling atmosphere. These souks offer a wide range of products, and visitors can navigate and bargain in these vibrant marketplaces.

Q: Are there modern shopping centers in Marrakech?

A: Yes, Marrakech also has modern shopping centers that provide convenience and a variety of stores. However, they may lack the same authentic charm as the traditional souks.

Q: What are some must-visit shopping districts in Marrakech?

A: Some must-visit shopping districts in Marrakech include the famous Medina, Gueliz, and Mellah. Each district has its own unique characteristics and offers different types of shops and products.

Q: What are some tips for shopping in Marrakech?

A: When shopping in Marrakech, it is helpful to know how to haggle, identify authentic products, and navigate the maze-like streets of the Medina. These tips ensure a successful and enjoyable shopping experience.

Q: How can I support local artisans in Marrakech?

A: Supporting local artisans in Marrakech is important for the city’s economy and the preservation of traditional crafts. One can do so by buying directly from artisans or participating in craft-focused tours.

Q: Are there online shopping options for Moroccan products?

A: Yes, there are online shopping options available for those who prefer to shop from home or want to continue supporting Marrakech’s artisans from abroad. These platforms offer authentic Moroccan products.

Q: How does shopping in Marrakech connect to experiencing Moroccan culture?

A: Shopping in Marrakech can be a cultural immersion, allowing visitors to interact with locals, learn about traditions, and gain a deeper understanding of Moroccan identity.

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