You are currently viewing All you need to know about Chez Ali Marrakech! About Chez Ali

All you need to know about Chez Ali Marrakech! About Chez Ali

We’ve put together several itineraries to help you get the maximum out of your journey if you’re visiting Marrakech for the first time! Enhance your stay in Morocco, mixing authentic dinner with traditionary Moroccan storytelling shows with a wonderful night out of Marrakech. The dream dinner is a real Moroccan encounter at the amazing Chez Ali. The Chez Ali fantasia is one of Marrakech’s most famous evening shows under huge tents in the Marrakech palm grove, located 16 km west of Marrakech PalmaryChez. In the afternoon, throughout the meal.
The Chez Ali environment
The tents are spinning, chanting, and animated by separate cultural troupes of Berber tribes. The quick closing of the Fantasia series will be this spectacular night. See acrobats fire weapons on Arab ponies. The output focuses on Berber and desert rulers ‘ recent wartime assaults. Today, Fantasia is known as a modern expression and a martial art style.
Discover Moroccan hospitality at a cafe on the edge of Marrakech, where a dinner show takes place in the Berber villages.
Your evening will begin with your hotel pick-up and move to the restaurant where the Moroccan meal is prepared. The show then continues with presentations by performers from the belly, acrobats and more, explosions and traditional folk songs.
The Dinner show in Chez Ali Restaurant
Morocco’s tour allows you to dine and enjoy a good time in a tent as bands of folklore are showing you during the day. Chez Ali is a beautiful place to discover the numerous Berber clans, burners, tapestries, magicians and local dreams. Experience the familiar environment in tents, relax on the cosy and vibrant coats around the display zone, enjoy a delicious meal of authentic Moroccan food like Harira’s broth, lettuce, spicy pork, Tagine, Beef kebabs and seven local vegetables.
Using the music and movements of the teams, you will have something different: a specific sport, including basketball, a magnificent procession, incredible magic acrobats, traditional songs and dances. You will have a unique atmosphere. All that wonder for the exciting music sound come indeed to you here at Chez Ali!
The menu at Chez Ali Restaurant
Chez Ali Restaurant has its specialities when it comes to the food menu. Morocco’s cuisine has much variance in the food, and here at Chez Ali, you can experience this live!
Following is a list of dishes that are served at Chez Ali Restaurant Marrakech!
•Moroccan Harira
•Chicken Tagine with Lemon
•Skewer meat or Tagine meat with prunes
•Couscous with seven vegetables
•Seasonal Fruit
•Mint tea
•Moroccan Pastries.

What Is Included in the package?
•Pick up and drop off facility.
•Professional driver.
•The air-conditioned and comfortable vehicle.
•The dinner show with Moroccan folklore.

What is Not Included?
Personal expenses and drinks

The Chez Ali Restaurant is a spot for 1001 Marrakech nights and provides its visitors with a spectacular dinner and an incredible display beneath Berber tents. If you are exploring Marrakech these days, Chez Ali Restaurant is a must-visit place!

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