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Get to know about top 10 places to visit with Marrakech Tour Guide!

Marrakech is a city with all the exotic charm of Morocco. The name of the town suggested the name of the land and spelt the importance of this city over the ages. The main points of interest to the town are a dizzying meld of old and new, within the rush of the Medina. Just getting in the atmosphere is a top priority, with snake charmers and a smooth shop both fighting for your care in a bright, colourful bustle encapsulating the vibrant Morocco soul.
Having a guide when you travel somewhere is very much helpful to explore the whole place. Marrakech Tour Guide also serves this way!
If you are planning to spend your next vacations in this beautiful city, This Marrakech Tour Guide will help you choose the best places to visit. Let’s have a look at the to 10 places to worth visiting in Marrakech.
Here we go!

1. The Bahia Palace
Marrakech Tour Guide is heading you to the first most visited place of this city. The Bahia Palace was ransacked by the Sultan, which was then occupied by the French, by the Grand Viziers. Although the vast Palace is sometimes still the site of the Moroccan royal family, tourists come to marvel at the elegant architecture and sophisticated decorations.
Here is the harem which comprises a large courtyard, which has a central basin and is surrounded by concubine rooms. By the end of the 19th century, the Black slave Abu Ahmed had built up the Bahia Palace by bringing handicraftsmen from Fez. The Palace consists of four rooms of equal status for his wives; one room for 24 wives with a total number of 12 rooms and one dining room. The school, where the Abu children get an education and transformed into a Mosque of five timing teachers, consists of a 5-block school, where his teachers teach Abu’s sons and daughters. It would be great to visit this Palace.

2. Saadian Tombs
The Saadian tombs are one of the sole remains of the Saadian dynasty that ruled over the golden era of Marrakech from 1524 to 1659, located next to the Kasba Mosque. Indeed, in the early 18th century the Sultan Moulay Ismail decided, by demanding the destruction of all remaining remains, to remove all traces of the magnificence of that dynasty. However, he did not dare sacrilege his burials and ordered the entry into the Necropolis to get complete. This secret was kept until 1917 when the site of the Saadian tombs was rediscovered. The Twelve Columns Hall is the most prestigious mausoleum. The grave of Sultan son Ahmed El Mansour is housed in this hall. The cedar and stucco ceilings finely work Carrara marble funerals. A poetic epitaph carries some tombs. The visit to the different mausoleums is through by the minimalist garden nestled between various buildings. Princess Zorh’s is a wonderful one: “Here is the grave of the noble lady, new moon, the miracle of the virtues.”

It is advisable to bring our tour guide to Marrakesh for an informed visit of the Saadian tombs. It takes up to 30 minutes to visit. If you take a guide, for some time, we recommend that you negotiate a reasonable price.

3. Dar si said Museum
The traditional Museum is the witnesses of local architectural art of the late 19th century in Maroc. It was constructed in the second half of 19th century by Ben Moussa who then ministered under the regency of his brother Ba Hmad. A museum and workshops for crafts established from 1930. The Museum today houses masterpieces from Marrakesh and the neighbouring Berber towns and towns.
People who want to explore some historical places must visit this Museum. The Marrakech tour guide will help you provide all the necessary information about this place!

4. Jema el fnaa Square

Next place which the Marrakech Tour guide suggests is the Jema el fnaa Square. The Square attracts people from different social, ethnic backgrounds, and tourists from all over the World from the entire spectrum of life in Marrakech. In the morning, the owners of the stall established their stalls with orange juices, spices, medicines, leaves of mint and snails. Flutes of snake charmers are floating across the plaza; monk trainers entertain the crowd. Tooth pullers are preparing their pin to remove the passers-by’s dull teeth.
In the Medina Quarter of Marrakech, Jemaa el-Fna lies. The Square is open every day, and usually, things go around 8 a.m. And go on until midnight at least. Pickpockets, especially after dark, are common. Also be ready for some questionable practices among snake charmers and monkey trainers, sometimes with less than ethical treatment of their animals.
5. Ben Youssef Madrassa
In Marrakech, Ben Youssef Madrasa is very little changed. The cold air brings physical relief but also a sense of tranquillity when you step through the front door from the wild alleys of the Maroccan City.

An inscription at the entrance says You who enter my door can exceed your highest expectations.

It may be a message to tourists here, who don’t know what to expect and draw guidelines and recommendations. It can be a message. If so, it’s okay because there is indeed the hope of finding a particular piece of authentic Marrakech.
Marrakech tour guide includes providing complete information about visiting this place. If you want to pay a visit here, go through the complete Marrakech Tour guide, and you will prepare yourself for each happening.

6. Majorelle Garden
Till now, we have gone through many historic places with the Marrakech Tour guide. But now let’s move on to some exciting places, and Majorelle Garden is one of them. The Majorelle Garden is also known as Menara Gardens, but for us, the first one is Marrakech’s most gorgeous Park. The vibrant colours, the fountains and exotic plants make it one of the city’s most beautiful and relaxing parks.

Another exciting factor is that in the hateful summer days the Marjorelle Garden’s trees and vegetation offer visitors shade, while the sun is less covered than the Menara Gardens.

7. Yves Saint Laurent Museum
If you want to see a museum with a modern touch, Marrakech tour guide is now taking you to the great Yves Saint Laurent Museum. Studio KO designed the new Yves Saint Laurent Museum. Its commissioner was Pierre Bergé who died before opening. The studio has its headquarters in Paris / London / Marrakech. To date, the architects have designed homes for one family. For an architectural study, you can imagine what that task means. The architects comply with those you will always remember when this contract has was for 15 million euros.

When visitors enter, they come together in the round interior for the first time, and they face a strong wall with the designer’s fashion stars. You enter the showrooms behind it.

8. Menara Gardens
The Menara Gardens are the best-known gardens in Marrakech. In the twelfth century, it was established around a lake, used to water in the grounds the fruit and vegetables. Abd al-Mu’ min, the head of the Almohad Movement, initially commissioned it. In 1870, the garden was later refurbished.

The most beautiful part of this green area is lake which presides over a pavilion, which has also been renovated by Maroccan Sultan Abderrahman and thousands of olive trees around citycity.
Sultan Sidi Mohammed ibn Abdallah built the pavilion, and this was the place where sultans met.

It looks to us like a kitchen garden, rather than a park, and the trees are so small that when the sun sets, they are not shaded. Marrakech tour guide proposes to go there when the Park is not very hot, either early morning or late afternoon if you want to visit this Park.

9.Moroccan Craftsmen
In Morocco’s old Riad gates, products by visitors and enthusiasts and fresh riad holders have become very popular. Riad gates are especially popular in Marrakech, Fez and Essaouira for their distinctive architectural layout and colours. Other northern Moroccan towns, like Asiliah and Chefchaouen, also have beautiful medinas with door knockers standing up against their wealthy black walls and colour in the city. These gates are discoveredovered in antiquity door professionals, craft stores and the Northern Medina Gate at Bab el Khemis on Thursday or Thursday’s market.

10. El Badi Palace
Badi Palace was once Morocco’s largest and most beautiful palace complex. The splendour of the Saadian people is today little left, yet the surviving remains show the size of the former Palace. And in El Badi, there’s another valuable location concealed.

To build Badi Palace, Saadia’s Sultan Ahmed el-Mansour ordered the construction south of the Medina by the end of the XVI century. Sadly, the magnificent structure did not survive the subsequent Alouite dynasty. The Palace was broken down in 1696 under its Sultan Moulay Isma’il. Many of Meknes’s most valuable products were introduced.
With Marrakech Tour Guide, you can gain all the necessary information
About this admiring Palace.

Final Verdict
If you want to explore Marrakech, our Marrakech Tour guide will help you a lot in this regard. Whether you live in Morocco or you are in a foreigner, Marrakech Tour guide will guide you at every step. Your trip will become much more comfortable and more enjoyable as you will have to know more about the places you are going to visit. Thanks to Marrakech Tour guide for providing excellent tourism guidance services!

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