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The Red City Tour in Marrakech

Discover the main. points of interests of Red City in Marrakech with Our Guide:

Museums, Djemaa el Fna Square & Souks.

Marrakech is a cultural mix of colors, scents, sight and sound and is one of the liveliest attractions in Morocco. Let our guide know your main points of interest and he will make you discover the secrets of the city

Half Day tour by foot with Guide

MAD 500 For(2 or 4 Per)

Description of our Local Guide

I am an official tour guide in Morocco. I am based, for my work, in Marrakech. I was born and grew in Dra valley(south of Morocco). I started my English when I was fifteen years, then, after I passed an exam of English, I was sent to Marrakech, where I spent seven years studying, including four years university. I studied a variety of subjects, including different pieces of English literature.
I passed the exam of guiding in 1999-2000, and I have been working as a tour guide ever since.
One of the many reasons I like my job is that it combines between learning and entertainment.
From my personal point of view, as a guide, when people come to visit my country, it is a very important thing; so, I/we should do more than the best to make sure they have a very enjoyable stay.
I always think that a guide is someone that, not just is able to speak the language and tell the history, but that also is able to understand people’ s mentalities inner feelings, and unspoken needs. This is how, in my opinion, the clients, would feel that the guide is, not far from them, but part of them.
In my commentary, I like to focus mainly on things happening in the current daily life, and on the little intricate cultural, sometime symbolic, issues, that one usually does not find in guide books. I like history, but I focus more on the cultural aspects of the local life.
Reading and travelling are two other activities that have always drawn my attention.
Communication is also, in my opinion, a major issue and important thing. One other reason I love my carreer, is that it enables me to communicate with many people from different countries in the world.
I think, there should be more communication amongst us in the world, also, because, the more we understand eachother, the closer we get together. 

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