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Berber village, A visit to Ourika valley

A brief intro about Berbers and Berber Village:
The Berbers are a population of ethnic origin west of the Nile valley in North Africa.
The rich cultural history of Berbers dates back 4000 years ago to prehistoric times!
Their long-established impact has affected commerce through the establishment of trading routes.
From western Africa to sub-Saharan areas goods are transported in northern Moroccan cities outside the Sahara.
It usually covers North Africa and Morocco’s whole history and geography, but also includes a Berber identity that is broader than language, craft and ethnicity.
Many traditional Berber settlements can still be found in the Moroccan mountains today. While Berber people are not only in rural areas, they offer an exciting insight into Berber history and tradition.
So, when you invited us on our trip to Imlil village in the High Atlas Mountains, you could not pass the opportunity to a traditional Berber village.
Places of Attractions in Berber Village:
There are many places of attraction in the Berber Village, but one of the most enchanting places worth discovering is the Ourika Valley.
It has some beautiful and fantastic scenes of nature that anyone could not forget. Let’s have a detailed overview of Ourika Valley.
So, here we go!

The Ourika Valley:
The Ourika Valley is a natural oasis.
It is just about an hour from Marrakesh, a beautiful area of terraced areas, forested hillside and beautiful waterfalls at the base of the High Atlas Mountains.
As part of an entire day tour around the Atlas Mountains, Ourika Valley is a popular day-trip destination from Marrakech.
Combine this with a thrilling drive along the Kik plateaus and the Lake Takerkoust stop.
Or visit the Ourika, Oukaimeden, Sidi Fares, and Asni valleys on the Atlas Mountains Four Valleys. Alternatively, take a hike or a mountain biking tour and explore the Setti Fadma village. Or take a walk to the Fadma Falls in Setti, or visit the Oukaimeden ski resort in the winter.
Ourika Valley Distance
The Ourika Valley lies at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains about 25 miles (40 kilometres) south of Marrakech.
In high season, buses run to Setti Fadma’s main town from Marrakech. A taxi for the day or guided tour included.

What is the best time to visit Ourika Valley?
Its Time to visit Tin Ourika’s local market where the locals and tourists are haggling for goods.
Where sweet Moroccan Mint Tea is spilt through the village on Mondays and catch up with gossip. The most beautiful time to visit in Spring is in the Ourika valley when the surrounding cherry and almond orchards flourish in full bloom. The wildlife is full of wildflowers and the valley.

Ourika Valley’s centre of attraction
The main attraction for many visitors is the traditional Berber settlements of the Ourika Valley.
This village is a conventional way of living, cultivating its communal saffron farm and organic herb farm.
They make the handicrafts, and their local restaurants serve traditional tajines and loaves of bread.
The dramatic Sti Fadma fall in the centre of the valley is flowing into the Ourika River, offering adventurous travellers a thrilling battle.

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